In 1998 we commenced our operaration in  the hospitality industry creating stores in Corfu and Ioannina.Twenty years later , having a successful and extensive experience we realized an idea that we had for years: to invest in one of the first mobile bars. We found the adequate van, we transformed the interior and  installed the adequate equipment in order to cater for and cover any event.

  Naming this our  ,we  startes our trips  throughout Greece in order to give your event the unique flair. The  having nothing less than a Normal bar, has the ability to host any kind of event such as a wedding reception, party, Babtism, opening of a store, promotions, festivals and so on . Our aim is to go a step further in any way and place of your entertainment. That is why we established our tripbar and we offer unique events at the venues that you desire. Our goal is for you to live a unforgettable moments with your loved ones at the place of your choice .

 A fully equipped mobile ΒAR